Our Story

Redemption Construction was founded on both personal and business principals of the highest standard. In 2004, our family began buying real estate around the Portland Metro area and even different areas around the country. We compiled quite a nice portfolio of properties in which some we rented and some we bought and sold for profit.

As we all know now, the real estate market a few short years later took a massive hit and housing values declined substantially. Couple that with poor economic conditions and it was a severe downward spiral and our family lost everything. We lost our savings, retirement and homes, including our own personal home. Our family was devastated financially and personally. Not only did it affect our family financially, but we had partners, family members and others that were negatively impacted as well.

After fighting the next few years to keep our heads above water, we sat down and started to talk about how much we enjoyed the remodel process during our “house flipping” days. We talked about the different ideas on kitchens, baths and color schemes we used to use and found ourselves really remembering how much we enjoyed that process. The process of seeing a full transformation from dated or damaged to new, rich and beautiful, was not only rewarding but such a fun and exciting process for us.

After some fond reminiscing, the conversation turned quickly to the headaches that were brought upon by contractors. The poor quality, the constant micro management we had to endure, the no shows on jobs, work taking way longer than it should, contractors disappearing with our money and the headache list goes on and on. So we decided to do something different!

We sat down and began to discuss starting a construction company, which not only would focus on high quality work, but also remove the common headaches that can arise with contractors. We wanted to be different and stick out in our community. We wanted to be timely, budget friendly, communicate effectively and most importantly, help people.

As we formed our company with those goals in mind, we came up with the name Redemption. That word to us means the world after what we have been through as a family and past company, but also what it means to us personally.

Our mission is to treat every client of ours with the greatest importance. Focusing on their goals and desires for their particular project. We are honest, up front and communicate with our clients throughout the entire scope of work. We show up when we say we will and take the stress and headaches away from the daunting task of remodeling. Being that we dealt with all the problems contractors can bring to jobs, we decided to do something different, to create a company that removes those problems, that you can trust and more importantly one you know has your best interest in mind before all else.