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At Redemption Construction, we do it all. Whether you want to add a new splash of excitement to your bathroom, overhaul your outdated kitchen with a flashy new design, or even build your dream home from the ground up, we can help. Our skilled team of professional carpenters and designers is licensed and experienced in every aspect of home construction and design.

Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen is the heart of your home. As such, it deserves to be treated with love and care. Have you always wanted a center island? We can make that happen. Dreaming of innovative ways to increase kitchen storage capacity? We can help. Let’s sit down and discuss your vision for your new kitchen. Together, we’ll create a fresh kitchen space for you to enjoy in the years to come.

Small Kitchen Remodel



Kitchen Remodel



Large Kitchen Remodel



Bathrooms Remodels

Bathrooms have so much potential beyond their utilitarian function. Isn’t it time you enjoyed a spacious, luxurious bathroom that you actually look forward to using? Think about long, soothing baths in the winter months, heated flooring to bring you comfort, and ample counter space with visually appealing sinks. Let’s talk about all the ways your bathroom can offer you the relaxation and tranquility you crave.

Small Bathroom Remodel



Bathroom Remodel



Large Bathroom Remodel



Terrific company! I hired them to install laminate flooring on stairs and a small room. Since they are also a construction company, they were also able to do several other small jobs for me. Jason, a co-owner, was a terrific contact, kept me informed of arrival times and willingly made my projects work within a very short time.

Pam O. — Happy Valley, OR

Home Renovation & Additions

Your home should grow with you and into a space that you, your family, and your guests can enjoy. At Redemption Construction, we want you to experience that deep feeling of satisfaction each time you walk through your home—the sensation that you’ve made the right choice by choosing us. We offer a wide range of design and remodel services, helping you remake your house according to your vision.


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are becoming more popular every day. These separate residential living spaces may take the form of a backyard cottage, basement residence, or a second floor on the garage. We offer adaptable ADU designs that are optimized to maximize livability and fully customized to support your vision.


Floors not only provide the foundation of your home, but they set the tone for your entire living space. Plush carpet can highlight your home’s retro style, while hardwood can accent the clean lines of more modern construction. We work with all types of flooring materials, including hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl, wood, laminate, and much more, to ensure your floors align with your vision.

Exterior Renovation

Your home’s exterior makes a statement. How your home appears from the outside influences how others perceive its value, integrity, and livability. We’re here to help you repair and remodel your home’s exterior elements according to your preferences. Our remodeling experts assist with roof replacement, adding premium siding, building decks, and installing porches that welcome inhabitants and visitors alike.


Windows go a long way in improving energy efficiency and transforming the feel of your interior spaces. Our window installation team approaches each project with craftsmanship and care, working hard to brighten your living spaces while prioritizing energy efficiency throughout your home. Reach out today to discover how window upgrades can refresh your space.

General Contracting

A good blueprint and foundation is the key to any successful construction project. That’s why at Redemption Construction, we don’t just do the dirty work – we do it all. From the very beginning, we’re on deck with planning, management, pre-construction, and every other important detail before we begin. Our main goal is to ensure you’re satisfied with every step of the remodeling process.

At Redemption Construction, your satisfaction is our top priority. Call our West Linn office today at (503) 657-0887 to speak with our licensed team of remodeling and construction professionals.

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